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Blitmap Comic "Fragments of the Machine"Comic book by Sup, every cover is unique

What is Blitmap?

Blitmap is an open source art collection and sci-fi fantasy universe set in the fictional world of Caelum. It's a collection of digital and physical art, stories, comic books, clothing, toys, and other merchandise — all nurtured by a community of artists, technologists, collectors and others who love to create and share on top of it.

Open Source

Because the original artworks and many subsequent works are released as open source, much of Blitmap is free for anyone to use and create (or sell!) their own works. Learn more about the reasoning behind this by reading the original artists' blog post and the CC0 "no rights reserved" license.

It all started with some pixel art

17 artists collaborated on 100 original pieces of pixel art and called them Blitmaps. The community mixed the originals to craft 1,600 siblings — unique pieces that combine the composition of one original with the palette of another.

The Blitnauts

After completing the collection, some of the artists built on top of the original collection and released a free open source expansion pack for the community called The Blitnauts. This expansion pack introduced a brand new craftable art collection — a faction of sentient robots living in the fictional world of Caelum and sworn to protect the Blitmaps.

The Logos

Originally conceived as the rivals of the Blitnauts, The Logos are a faction of androids living in Caelum who collect and wear logos and other memorabilia from the fallen brands from the era of humanity. This craftable art collection was created by Sup — a company created by two of the original Blitmap artists — as an open source contribution to the world of Blitmap and was also released as a free expansion pack for the community.

The Blitverse

Today, Blitmap spans multiple digital and physical art projects, stories and canons, comics, clothing, toys, and more. What started as a pixel art collection is now an expansive sci-fantasy universe nurtured by the community behind it.

Join the community

The Blitmap community hangs out on Discord.