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Community crafted sci-fantasy universe

It all started with some pixel art.

We called them Blitmaps. We made 100 originals, which the community mixed to make 1,600 siblings — unique pieces that combine the composition of one original with the palette of another.

Then the heroes.

After completing the collection, we released an expansion: The Blitnauts.

Now available and free to all Blitmap owners, this expansion pack introduces a brand new craftable collection — a faction of sentient robots sworn to locate and protect the Blitmaps, and the heroes of our world.

Now the universe.

With the pieces coming together, we've started to expand the world even further. Who are the rivals of the Blitnauts? Why are the Blitmaps important? And most importantly: where and how will we see these stories unfold?

We're building out the world to answer these questions — with a few surprises along the way.

And it's public domain.

Blitmaps are released as CC0 public domain. Feel free to use them in any way you want.

Learn more about our reasoning behind this by reading our blog post.

Join us!

The initial sale for Blitmaps and Blitnauts have sold out. To get a Blitmap collectible, check out the collections on OpenSea.

Blitmap collectors get access to unique perks, including the upcoming Rivals expansion pack, the ability to help guide the growing Blitmap universe, and more.

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Blitnauts FAQ Discord
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